Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Calving Season 2014

Well, I'm going to try and give this another try. We'll see how it works, if I remember to blog a little. So please bear with me...again. Once again it is calving season and the calves are starting to come pretty fast. We've 40 calves on the ground so far and the number is growing. This year we will have quite a large number of Shorthorn x calves on the ground. I am excited, it has taken a lot of years to get here. Some of the calves so far are a little on the splashy side. I am glad that they are heifers, the colour won't affect their calf raising ability, but it sure would affect their sales value!

We had a little rough luck early, this cow had a premature calf on a fairly cold night in Febuary. I think it might have lived had we been there, but what can you do, I sure wasn't expecting her to calve. She sure wanted a calf though, and all we had to do was convince the calf that it wanted her!

And then there were 2! She sure surprised us with these to fellas. She did good though, 2 big bull calves 75 and 88 lbs, she had them all by herself and she took care of them all by herself too! Very impressive and she's in good condition to boot.

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Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise