Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Year Past

Well, almost, anyways. My, time does fly, we are once again only weeks away from calving. The cows are looking fairly fat and sassy, having come through the winter fairly well.

This year we did things a bit differently with the replacement heifers, rather than pail oats to them, we ground all their feed up into one pile including oat bales which constitute their grain ration. It was all scientifically done.... Well, we know the weight of the bales and we estimated the weight of the oats in each oat bale, then mixed enough oat bales in the grinding pile to equal 5 lbs of oats per day. I am happy with how the calves look, so I guess it worked well enough. When we weigh them here around the first of March I will know for sure how well it worked.

Now comes the countdown to calving season. The first calves are due to drop about Mar 6, with the main herd following on the 8th. This year we have about 30 heifers to calve out, and I sure hope the bull we bought for them is as good as his numbers say he should be.

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Rainbow Ranch Farms said...

Your blogs are amazing! Thank you for all the great advice and sharing your experience and knowledge.

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise