Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy, Busy

Well, we have been quite busy with calving. We now have over 80 on the ground and about 30 left to calve. It has been a rather cold calving season, but we have had pretty good luck. We are only down one calf now, with 2 live sets of twins. As usual we have had some stuff show up that we weren't expecting, 2 heifers with no milk, and a cow I purchased this spring that appears to have had a bad case of mastitis in the past. All 3 will be taking a trip to town later this spring.

Our Milk/Nurse cow has 3 calves on her now, her own, and 1 of each set of twins. They are all doing quite well. When we brought her in to draft one of the twins on her, I weighed her calf since he was in the barn. He was 7 days old, and had put on 30 lbs since he was born. Comes out to about 3.75 lbs/day, and she looked to have a lot of milk that he wasn't using. The twins are doing quite well on her now.

Sickness has been at a minimum so far, have treated a few minor cases of scours, a joint ill, that has turned out well, a true ear infection, and a couple calves that were just 'off', don't know if it was pneumonia or what, but a couple doses of nuflor set them straight.

Some photos of the new additions for you

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Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise