Monday, February 9, 2009

Into our barn

Here is the setup to get a cow into our barn at calving time (or any other time it might be necessary) It is all set up so you really never have to be in the same pen as the cow. We rarely need to work a cow that way, but it is nice when you get a surprise. As well as to get a cow into the barn, this setup works quite well for processing newborn calves away from mama. They all have to go past our barn to get to the area where we keep the brand new ones for a week or so. So when she is going past the barn it is pretty simple to pull a calf off, into the barn where it can be tagged, banded, weighed, de-horned and tattooed if necessary. And with no mama to cause you trouble all this just takes a second in complete safety. Mama waits outside for her little one.

As before, into the alley from the calving/holding pastureDown the alley we swing 2 gates which directs mama down the small alley to the barn

And down the alley into the barn. Just swing a gate and she either goes in or past.
Through the door into the barn.
The south side of the barn.
The north side of the barn. We have 4 stalls, 2 of which can be opened up into a big pen, or divided into 2 smaller ones. They are all approx 10 x 10 feet in diameter. Another of the north side. The scale is in the corner, the red toolbox holds my tagging, dehorning, tattooing and banding supplies. Forks are up off the floor and we have a supply of ropes and halters hanging there. This area could be used for calving if we really needed it as well.
The Maternity Pen, where she goes if we think she needs help. She comes in through the door and straight into the pen past the green gate, which swings to close the pen off.............. or to force her into the headgate. The gate on the far side swings away if we need extra room when assisting a cow.
Here the gate is swung as if to push a cow into the headgate. The calf puller is hung on the wall right behind so it is handy when needed.With the self-catching headgate, one person can handle the cow alone without any major problems. If she goes down she won't choke.
The option of a larger stall if we have low occupancy.

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