Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb 5 2008

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is the 5th of Febuary already!! Calving is getting closer, and closer. The first of the herd is due to calve around Feb 26, and I expect we will have some before that. Well, we already do have a couple, but they were out of some heifers that we bought last fall.

Last weekend we went up to a bull sale, we needed to pick up 3 bulls, and we were able to do that. 1 Black Angus x Simm and 2 Black Angus. So providing we have no unpleasant surprises at vet check time we should be done with that fiasco. I really hate having to deal with bulls, but with our pastures, they are a bit of a necessity.

I am on a number of groups that are for horse lovers. Now there is talk of banning the horse slaughter industry in Canada!! Talk about a disaster waiting to happen!! I really don't understand what these people think should (or will) happen to all the extra horses. I know, that I can't afford to keep horses around that are not doing something to pull their weight. Starving, or being left to suffer because no-one can afford to call a vet out would be worse that being sent out to a slaughter facility!!


Charlotte said...

Would you mind if I quoted you for the group? I am against banning the slaughter of horses or any livestock for that matter...I believe that we have give them the best possible lives but in the end we are meat eaters and they are meat!
Charlotte-I own 4 ex race horses but only cause I can afford to feed and care for them..

Randi said...

Charlotte, I am so sorry that I didn't see your post earlier. If you would still like to quote me you are quite welcome to.

Thank you, Randi

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